Dos and Don\’ts in Spain (España)

I have already wrote about the delicious food they serve in Spain.
Here is the list people should avoid in spain.🚫
  • Never expect punctuality.
  • Never expect shops to open in the middle of the day.
  • Never forget to try some Spanish phrases.
  • Never be surprised at being greeted with a kiss.
  • Don\’t worry about day drinking.
  • Don\’t be surprised to receive free food.
  • Don\’t expect everyone to understand English.
  • Don\’t wear beachwear off the beach.
Also to know, No sorbas (Don\’t slurp): While in other countries such as Japan, this is considered polite, it\’s rude to slurp in Spain. No eructes (Don\’t burp): Just like slurping your food, burping is considered rude in Spain. Some people definitely burp in public, but trust us, no one likes those people.

If you want to learn more about spanish culture and language. This is the best i ever had. spanishpod
Some more tips i want you to remeber when you are in spain!

1. Do try to learn a few words in Spanish and Catalan.

Por favorgracias and bon dia go a long way.

2. Do try to adhere to local customs and schedules.

Remember that Spaniards eat late and that many shops will be closed midday for lunch and on Sundays.

3. Don’t get too political.

It’s fine to ask locals their opinion on Catalan independence, but be careful if you’re voicing very pro-Catalonia or pro-Spain opinions. You might end up offending those around you and find yourself in a heated debate or fight.

4. Don’t take photos in shops or at market stands unless you’ve asked permission.

5. Do shop for exquisite Spanish shoes and clothing.

6. Do make sure your hotel has a safe in the room or at the reception desk.

Courtesy: google and pinterest!

Muchas gracias 😉 (thankyou)


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