New York’s calling?

Alexa, play “welcome to new york” by “Taylor Swift” in the background.🤍

…..welcome to new york it’s been waiting for you! New York will always have a special place in my heart. I always get emotional over it I don’t even know why!🥺 It’s just a place that everyone wanna call home.

Well, c’mon we’ll talk about some good pretty restaurants; fun things to do and a lot more things to do in NYC. Let’s dig it down!

1. Museum of Ice cream!

Yes. Museum of ICE CREAM. Best place ever. So fun; you can make your own ice cream just like you want. You can spend a whole evening here and that would be a great experience for you I swear.🤍🍦

2. Roosevelt Island Tramway- E 60th St New York NY

Open from 6am to 1am and only 4$ for a round trip. What else do you want duh???! Skip the crowds brooo!

3. Skyline Drive-in theatre!- 1 oak St, Brooklyn, New York

Yes a drive-in theatre but with a wholesome view. You can enjoy here with your friends, family or even your pets!💯

4. Color Factory🌈- 251 Spring St, New York, Ny

Just can’t describe this one. It has all the colors in here. It’s just like a color museum. Second of all it has this huge place filled with balls. You can just dive right into it!

That’s it for today! Thankyou guys! Do like my post if you like it💕

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