Tips you should keep in mind while visiting France! Mon amour

So, visiting france is a big deal for you! But the Dad of deals is the tips, do’s and don’ts blah blah blah! Let’s begin!

1.Learn basic French words to be polite.

It’s important that you know the basic words of French so that the people there can adore you by your sweet gesture ❤.

2.Take the subways when you can and avoid when you cannot!

You should know that the cases of robbery are common in France! So just avoid it at any cost.

3.Dress up and shop till you drop.

Check more at pinterest;)

Well, amour you know that what’s famous in Paris😍 obviously any thing you see there you will have the urge to buy it. So what are you waiting forrrrr!

4.Try Not to Speak Louder Than Everyone Else, Particularly at Night.

This is considered RUDE! Avoid that.

5.In the Netherlands, chewing gum while talking is considered rude, and in Belgium and France, chewing gum at all is considered vulgar.

6.Cut into cheese correctly (or let someone else do it)

For God’s sake let someone else do it if you’re just a Messer like me! Lmao

7.French etiquette indicates that you should finish your plate, or the host will be offended (thinking that the meal was bad).

Just basic French Etiquettes!🍕

Thankyou! (Merci)🍕❤

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