8 affordable places in Paris to eat in budget.

My people who read my blogs, know that i have already wrote about the best food to eat in Paris. If you\’re new to my blog, here\’s the link below:

Food to try in Paris.
As we all know, Paris is a bit expensive than any other country. Well, well it\’s such a beauty in itself.
Before telling you the list of restaurants i want to mention the cost of one meal per whatever restaurant you go. A normal inexpensive restaurant meal will cost you around 14 euros. A McMeal at McDonalds will cost you around 9 Euros. A domestic beer will cost you 6 euros and meal for 2 at a mid range restaurant will cost you around 50 euros. Hope this info will help you budgeting your trip.

So, moving ahead here\’s the list of the most affordable restaurants in Paris, where you will get the most authentic Parisian food on low price!
1. Bistrot Victoires

6 Rue de la Vrillière, 75001 Paris, France

They serve their famous Duck Confit with lots of ranging in deserts. This place is affordable for everyone with a good ambience. 

2. Chez Gladines

This Basque canteen is renowned for cheap nosh, large portions and tables so tightly packed that befriending your neighbour (or at least his elbows) becomes part of the experience. The gargantuan bowls of salads are the stars, all served with lashes of fried potatoes, cheese, eggs and meat (usually ham or lardons), and Basque specialities like “poulet basquaise” (chicken in a spicy tomato sauce). Dishes rarely cost more than €10–€12. Even the wine is cheap with the most expensive bottle hovering around €16. Needless to say Chez Gladines is a popular spot so get there early or be prepared to queue up in the street.

(Courtesy- timeout.com )
3. Chez Germain

33 Rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris, France

Review from a critic:
•Amazing little restaurant. Best crepes we\’ve had in Paris. Go for the menu, it\’s really cheap and you get to try both sweet and savoury crepes and a drink too.

\”A stone\’s throw from the earthy rue Mouffetard, this 17th century house made of stones, beams and vaults, cultivates timeless pleasures. Contemporary cuisine, full of flavors and assumes constant creativity: the chef likes to surprise and that We offer a truffle menu all year round, in which the famous \”black pearl\” is highlighted in an original way: amateurs will be delighted. Finally, disciples of Bacchus, also know that the wine list is quite simply remarkable, with no less than … 4600 references, French and worldwide. This address certainly has a nose. \”

5. Auguste

54 Rue de Bourgogne, 75007 Paris, France

Such a nice and peaceful place and serves an affordable lunch.

6. Arrivederci Pizzeria

Review from a foodie:
Amazing pizza! The crust was thin and crunchy and the ingredients really fresh. Very nice place for a quick bite. Quite casual atmosphere and very nice staff. The dessert was really good too and so was the coffee. You can tell this is an authentic place for Italian food.

7. Au P`tit Normand

A kiosk run by two friends serves the best créperie!

8. Septime

80 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France

What’s on the menu? 
One of the biggest charms of this neo-industrial is its fair pricing: €60 for four courses and €95 for seven courses. Chef Bertrand Grébaut’s seasonal, modern French plates have been luring in diners from around the world since the cosy restaurant’s opening eight years ago. The food is sophisticated and uses some of the finest producers from around the world but, unlike some of its neighbouring restaurants, doesn’t feel the need to shout about them. The dishes themselves do the talking. Expect inspired plates like egg yolk cured in salted pimento vinegar with raw cuttlefish, lardo, and pimento oil; and beets cooked in a brown butter, with red sorrel, and a sauce made from red wine and tuna bones.
( courtesy- theworlds50best.com )


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