Most Unique beaches!🏖


How can you reach?
You could fly into Santiago de Compostela airport(Ryanair) and then drive (About 2 hours). Or into A Coruna airport and drive (1 hour and 45 minutes) .This area is also only about a 4 hour drive from Porto in Portugal. Highly recommended as the perfect road trip! 
Cathedrals Beach (La Playa de Las Catedrales in Spanish or As Catedrais in Galician) is the most visited beach in Galicia. It’s famed for it’s stunning arched rock formations (and the fact you can only access it at low tide). And, though it’s a major destination by Galician standards, you will see mostly Portugese or Spanish tourists (and when it’s not summer you won’t see huge crowds). Nothing like the crowds you see in the rest of Spain in places like Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, etc.

How to reach?
Drive to South point. Take the road to \’South Point\’ between mile markers 69 and 70 on Highway 11 (between Kona and Volcano Village) and then drive to the Small harbor at the end. And the next step is to hike to the Green Sand Beach.

It\’s soothing and calming and most peaceful beach in the world. It is a green sand beach. It\’s one of the only four green sand beaches in the world.
How to get there?
There is no direct connection from Perth to Shell Beach. However, you can take the line 40 bus to Fauntleroy Av Before Dunreath Av, take the walk to Perth airport, fly to Monkey Mia, then take the taxi to Shell Beach. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Overlander Roadhouse then take the drive to Shell beach.

This pretty beach is located in the region of Western Australia, located 45km south-east of Denham. It\’s safe to swim there. This beauty is filled with a lot of shells.This beautiful snow- white beach is made up of billions of tiny shells up to 10 metres deep and stretching for over 70 kilometres. 
How to reach?
Nearest Major International Airport: Visitors can get a flight from Nassau, Bahamas (30 minutes), or Fort Lauderdale or Miami, Fla. (1 1/2 hours), to the North Eleuthera Airstrip. From this small airport, visitors can take a taxi to the ferry dock and catch a boat to out-of-the-way Harbour Island.

One of the world\’s most unique, this 3-mile stretch of pink sand gets its color from crushed shells.Harbour Island is most renowned for its beautiful Pink Sand Beach, located along its eastern Atlantic Ocean side. The almost indescribable pale pink color of the sand comes from microscopic coral insects, known as Foraminifera, which have a bright pink or red shell full of holes through which it extends pseudopodia, footings that it uses to attach itself and feed.

Foraminifera are among the most abundant single cell organisms in the ocean and play a significant role in the environment. These animals live on the underside of reefs, like the nearby Devil\’s Backbone, on the sea floors, beneath rocks, and in caves. After the insect dies, the wave action crushes the bodies and washes the remains ashore and mixes it in with the sand and bits of coral. The pink stands out more in the wet sand at the water\’s edge. Unlike other parts of the world, the sand here is always cool, so you can walk about freely with bare feet.

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