Venice, the capital of Northern Italy`s Veneto region, is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, just canals~including the Grand Canal throughfare~lined with Renaissance and Gothic Palaces.

Now, several question arises in the reader`s mind:

1. Is Venice really endangered?

Yet, even the quickest visit reveals that Venice s no longer a living city, with scores more tourists than actual Venetians crowding it`s lagoon, bridges, and walkways. As residents continue to leave, the city risks becoming an empty shall under tourisms.

2. What is the best month to go to Venice?

The best time to visit Venice is from September to November when tourists desert the city. Although the temperatures~ which range from the upper 30s to mid 70s. Although Acqua Alta [high water] can occur anytime between late september and april, it`s most likely to happen in november and december, so make sure to pack a pair of rain boots if you plan on travelling then.

3.Does Venice smells?

The canal smells only during the low tide. And it probably smells bad for two seconds while you`re walking. So, unless you`re extremely sensitive to smells, it`s absolutely fine to visit Venice at any time of the year.


1. Don`t pay tourist prices [euro 10] for Coffee- spend under 1.50 euros like locals.
2. Don`t take a Gondola ride- take a Venice boat tour instad.
3. Don`t linger around St. Marks Square- head to Canareggio for crowd-free Venice.
4. Don`t play Russian Roulette with the food- take a Venice food tour with local.
5. Don`t go for Bellini at HARRY`S BAR– have an Aperol Spritz with locals.
6. Don`t order pizza in Venice- have Risotto or seafood instead.
7. Don`t sweat away your day battling crowds- see Venice at night.

4.Why you should go visit Venice once?

\’A magnificent city!\’ A city with an irresistable appeal to the educated, because of it`s history as well as its present charms.
Because, I think Venice is a magical city that deserves to be on everybody`s bucket list, 
So here it goes:


A whole different experience, when you have lots of narrow alleys and walkways for pedestrians, but lacks wider streets, so cars are a rarity in the city.


Venice looks like a huge filmset, Around every corner, film buffs might have deja-vu`s as  as many films were shot in this city James Bond`s first visit was in 1963, when back projection was used for the final scenes.


While it may not completely be engulfed in water during our lifetime, it`s clear that the city itself is sinking around 1-2 millimetres each year.
Venice was built on piles of wood transported from Alps and buildings are largely supported by wooden platforms on top of these piles.

Last but not the least:

In practice, most visitors will only have a few days, but we would advise anyone to consider four nights as a minimum. With a two night break, visitors are left with only one full day to explore, which means there is more time spent travelling than enjoying destination.




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