The place famous in JAIPUR for it\’s \’Sabudana khichdi\’. Falahaar is located next to Saraogi Mansion and on The famous M.I. Road. When i visited Jaipur , there were many options to eat but at first i visted here to eat the sweet and sour \’sabudana khichdi\’♥️. The taste was delightful and it can be served as a light breakfast for a healthy appetite. Apart from that there is a nukkad chaiwala who serves this kadak masaledar chai in a \’kulhad\’ ~ a clay cup which is not reusable. The taste of the chai becomes a hundred times more tasteful. I would prefer this whenever you visit there , you will get the essence of Rajasthan in one cup☕. Don\’t forget to try the \’Sabudana khichdi\’ . And sure! Thanks me later😋


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